logiflexx conveyor solutions

logiflexx is an organization with more than 25 years of experience in intra-logistics. logiflexx focuses on internal transportation from A to B, covering long distances, and, if necessary, many different heights. This transportation can be supplemented by various functionalities such as transfer, accumulation and other special functions.

The ultimate goal is always to provide an effective solution.Specialising in solutions for the packaging industry (end-of-line) and logistics, logiflexx occupies a unique position in the conveyor technology world.

Unlimited lengths, bends, inclines and heights can be achieved for an attractive investment.

Our reliable network of suppliers and partners enables logiflexx to deliver all our projects as turn-key solutions. Besides our total solutions for end customers, logiflexx also offers system builders the possibility of leaving the sub-processes of the overall internal transportation process in our safe hands.

The unique logiflexx combination of both horizontal and vertical transportation within intralogistics is an efficient approach that is essential for successful operations.